Elevating Business Through Digital Innovation.

We are a digital agency that helps brands to build software, web, mobile application, and cloud operations.


Why Us?


We made interactive application by following design thinking principles, help our customer reach more audience from millenial and gen-z.


We develop web, iOS, android, APIs and microservices using the up-to-date technology stack.


Need to accomodate rapid changing requirements from business? no worries, we can work with Agile too.

Application Customization

We offer custom development or extension for Wordpress, EspoCRM, OpenCart, Magento and Odoo.

Infrastructure Modernization

We help our clients to operate cloud Infrastructure, setup CI/CD and migrate existing workloads to kubernetes.

Customer Obsession

We help our clients to understand the customers and provide solution to solve problems.

Our Work

Customer Portfolio Management

A web based application designed to effectively manage and analyzed customer portfolios, performing financial checkup by analyzing income & expenses and provide portfolio recomendation based on customer risk profile. This is the re-architecture work from existing monolith application to microservices and modernizing infrastructure to containerization so it can be deployed into Kubernetes.


Wealth Management System Dashboard

The goal of this project is to provide a concise and at-a-glance view of key information and data related to wealth management software such as total of asset under management (AUM), customer 360, transaction statistic, branches with high performance in sales, summary of sales certification status and most subscribed mutual funds. This application currently used by a local bank to track sales performance.

Pentest Fixes - eRujukan Kewangan

The goal of this project is to provide fixing for penetration test vulnerability findings. eRK is a web based application that used by The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN).


Rumbia Apps

A set of application and services for SME (Small-Medium Enterprise), check out our catalog now!

Technology Stack

From ideas to operation, we are team of experienced engineers.