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How To Run Angular Unit Testing With Docker

Pre-Requisite The following software must be installed in your machine: NodeJS, you can download either LTS or the latest one. Angular CLI, make sure you install it as global dependency. Docker Engine, you can download it from here for mac user, or here for windows user… Continue Reading →

Launch NodeJS Application In Google Cloud (Part 2)

In previous article we had learn together how to spin up a vm instance in Google Cloud Compute Engine, so today we will look deeply into how to setup this vm and run a NodeJS application inside so later on we… Continue Reading →

Launch NodeJS Application In Google Cloud (Part 1)

Google Cloud is a cloud platform from Google. It offers several services for computing, storage and application development that run on Google’s hardware. In this post we will learn together how to create and launch a NodeJS application with Google Compute… Continue Reading →

Angular Route Resolver

Angular resolver is a very nice way to improve user-experience when browsing between pages in our app. By implementing resolver, it is possible for us to load all data from remote server before our route actually activated and component being rendered… Continue Reading →

How to Upgrade Angular 2 To Angular 4

This how-to page describe step by step for upgrading existing Angular 2 application to Angular 4. Step-by-step guide Install the latest version of Angular CLI Make sure you get the correct version of Angular CLI Go to your git repository… Continue Reading →

Redux Implementation in Angular 2

Redux Introduction Redux is a javascript library to store and manage application state in single state tree and share it across components or objects in a very efficient way. Most of javascript developers use redux in ReactJS application, but actually redux… Continue Reading →

How To Write Jasmine Custom Matcher In Angular 2

Overview Jasmine is a BDD framework for testing javascript code, it doesn’t depend on any UI Library like AngularJS or ReactJS. Just like another test framework, Jasmine has unit test assertion supported by the matchers object, each matcher implements a… Continue Reading →

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